Group 5 Insurance Consultancy

Insurance Penetration is at less than 3% in most of the countries in Africa, the traditional insurance models have done little to address the gap. A new and African approach to Insurance is needed. GRO FIVE Insurance Consultant enables the uninsured African population to access Insurance. We are a team of experienced Insurance, Social Scientists and technology experts. Our approach is to work with existing Social grouping and Institutions, co-create Insurance products based on the customers’ needs and integrate with Insurance companies. This drive costs out of the whole Insurance value chain, enabling profitability for all stakeholders.

Our Most Valued Partners:

AAR Insurance Kenya
APA Insurance
Africa Merchant Assurance Company (AMACO)
Allianz [2]
Apollo Life Assurance
AIG Kenya Insurance Company
American Insurance Company Kenya Limited
Cannon Assurance Company Limited
Capex Life Assurance Company
Capex Life Assurance Company
CIC General Insurance [3]
CIC Life Assurance [4]
Continental Reinsurance
Corporate Insurance Company
Directline Assurance Company
East Africa Reinsurance Company
Fidelity Shield Insurance Company
Fidelity Shield Insurance Company
First Assurance Kenya Limited[5]
GA Insurance Company
Geminia Insurance Company
ICEA LION General Insurance Company
Intra Africa Assurance Company
Mayfair Insurance Company


Our core values are enhancing our clients’ self-determination, serving as an ongoing financial resource for members, and achieving significant outreach and financial self-sufficiency.

Nairobi, Kenya.
(8AM - 5PM)

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